Over the years, the company engineering department has built up a vast amount of experience in resolving issues associated with Medium Voltage electricity network, particularly in the area of voltage and current measurement, and cable height measurement.

Ultrasonics has been a key technology since day one. Although widely used in measurement of distance to relatively large and hard surfaces, its use in the measurement to overhead cables of diameter down to 2.5mm is quite a challenge. In the early years of the company, we developed and perfected a successful technique to achieve this accurately and repeatedly. We have proven to be unique in this achievement, as demonstrated by the many competitor companies who have tried and failed to reach the required quality and accuracy standards demanded by the utility industry.

In the same way that we have become experts in the area of cable height measurement using ultrasonic signaling, we have also built up considerable know-how, skills, and experience in the area of ac current and voltage measurement, and particularly in the Medium Voltage distribution environment. 

As a result of the company location in the National Technology Park in Limerick, Ireland, the company engineers maintain ongoing cooperation and collaboration with the nearby University of Limerick, one of the foremost pioneering third level institutions with a strong focus on direct linkages with business and industry.

In conjunction with the university and also with independent expert consultants, we have combined to developed new technologies in these areas. These technologies have been successfully patented, and are in use by a number of companies worldwide. We continue to explore new technologies, applications, and further possibilities in these areas.

So, Suparule not only provides unique, high quality products, it also has a proven expert engineering team, with hundreds of man- years of relevant experience, providing ongoing technical support to our customers, and also enabling continuous innovation in order to meet the ever changing requirements of the electrical utility industry.